Evil Elvis
2001-12-05 18:15:56 (UTC)

Tell me why Babylon....Mr Policeman....

How is it I seem to be the only guy in the world that can
get a knock back without ever actually asking a girl out?!?!

This has happened to me twice in the very recent past, and
to put it mildly, it's really starting to piss me off!!!

Example 1. A girl I know recently split up with her
fiance...this has lead to her having to move home, lose
most of her friends and subsequently her job. I thought I
was being a good friend to her by talking to her and
helping her through it. I do like her, but obviously now is
not the time for such things. We went out and the next day
she wrote me an email saying that she likes me as a friend
but doesnt want anything to happen?!?! LIKE I FUCKING ASKED
FOR ANYTHING!!! This pissed me off a little, but fair fucks
to her....

Example 2. Someone I met through a mutual friend. She told
said mutual friend that I was lovely or whatever, so we got
in touch. We spoke often and texted each other back and
forth, but I never really thought much of it...yeah she was
nice but we didnt really know each other well enough for me
to gauge. Then she started to go a little cold on me, not
speaking to me or generally not replying to my txts (WHICH
SAY "NOT IN THE MOOD") I then got a text from her out of
the blue saying that we should just be friends. LIKE I

What is it with me??? Ok so I perhaps have liked the people
in question, and may have wanted to spend some more time
with them, but this does not have to involve anything
untoward, certainly nothing they wouldnt enjoy and NOT
SEX!!!! EVER!!!! I don't even give a shit about sex, its
the last thing in my mind.

Do you remember when you were younger, and the pinnacle of
going out with someone meant a snog?? That's all I want!!!
Nothing more!!! These women need to get their heads out of
their arses and stop judging all men on the shtty behaviour
of others! I like to think I'm a good guy, I don't have any
really terrible habits so what the fuck is wrong with