My Life.............
2001-12-05 18:07:27 (UTC)

response to feedback..:)

hi, instead of sending you a big long reply in email, i d
better do it here.:)
Thank you for reading this thing here, its nice to know
that im not talking to myself.LOL
i have learned alot over the past couple of months that i
havent talked to Jeff, i dont think it was real love, he
was nice to me (in the beginning), he told me he loved me,
always emailed me, he actually took the time out to answer
every one of my emails, who wouldnt fall in love with that?
or think they have fallen in love? then when he started
giving me a hard time it drove me nuts and i wanted him
more, that wasnt love, it was the thrill of the chase, that
thrill is gone now, i care about him alot, but, now im
seeing things in him that i dont like, and when i look back
at what he put me through i know that wasnt love, hes a
user, and my eyes are open now....
Jeff and i are friends, at least i have given my
friendship to him, i dont know whats going on in his head,
i cant hate him, im just not that way....
Ive learned that you cant make someone love you, as much
as you want it, it just doesnt happen that way, and its
better to have someone in your life as a friend than not
have them at all...