My Life.............
2001-12-05 17:51:55 (UTC)

the world of cyberspace....*sigh*

Sometimes i dont think i belong out here in cyber space, i
think im to nice of a person! lastnight i had a bad night!
i was on here till 3 in the morning cause some guy or kid,
wouldnt let me leave, he kept asking me to stay, i know i
should have just left, but, i would have felt bad.:( and he
kept calling Roy names, i know it made him feel bad, but,
it was kind of funny, i couldnt help but laugh, Roy was
mad, and even threatened to hit me, i know i shouldnt have
laughed, i know if one of his friends on his list called me
names id feel bad and would be pissed, but, come on its
only people in cyberspace, you shouldnt get offended by
them! its not like youll ever see them and they probably
look worse than you do.LMAO
there wee a couple other incidents, but, id rather not
talk about them..LOL
I noticed if you just go into a chat no one talks to you,
but, if you go in with a webcam they are pming you all over
the place!! guys are tit crazy! my gosh! guys really need
to calm down, they act like they have never seen boobs in
their lives.LOL then if you dont show them your boobs they
click off, all i want is a nice, normal, person to talk to,
i know its normal for guys to want to see boobs, but, my
gosh! wait till you get to know someone, ever heard of
respect???!!!!!!!! news flash, that isnt all that webcams
are used for!!!!
ok im done bitching, for now, anyway.LMAO