Mind Unleashed
2001-12-05 17:46:27 (UTC)

My Crazy Aunt

So far this December sucks-my aunt freaked out the other
day 'cause I went out with my cousin and his girlfriend and
didn't leave a note-we were in a rush and forgot.Plus I
don't have a job and I go home in almost 2 weeks.I haven't
talked to Alex in awhile and don't know about our plans of
him going to my house for X-mas.My aunt wants me to call
her at all times and tomorrow I have to take the GED test
for 9 straight hours!!! I'm feeling extra anxious about
everything and I'm wondering what my Dad is gonna think or
say about Alex if he comes over-plus Lucy's boyfriend is
coming to NY and he's black and my family isn't very fond
of black people so I'm kinda scared about how they'll react-
which is why I'm gonna make sure that I'm not in the house
when this happens.I'm gonna try to get some of my bank
money from NY to buy some presents but who knows what'll
happen.Gotta do some last minute studying and I'm hopong
that I'll pass the test tomorrow with a high score.