between love and hate

there is a thin line
2001-04-02 00:34:39 (UTC)

small town men!!!!!!!! (dogs)

Today went to first monday and walked around.preety
day around 70 deg.sunshine all day!really dont have
alot to say today........ stiff from all the walkingt
and miss my husband more than ever. i life in a small
town and you wouldnt beleive it if i told you....
everyone knows my husband is on a truck .and these
men in this small town keep telling me my husband dont
love me,that im to good for him.....i think they are
all just interested in sleeping with me.....well iam
not interested in that i have a husband and i love
him very much....and i dont cheat........and if what
they say is true then time will tell right.......