2001-12-05 15:13:53 (UTC)

double standards

When he acts disrespectful, when he pops off with a smart-
ass "I'm better than you" tone of voice, and then I react,
admittedly maybe over-react" and raise my voice and point
my finger, when that happens it ends up that somehow the
problem is with me, not with him. They seem to think that I
am the primary problem in this family, not the spoiled
arrogant flippant lakadaisical teenager.

However, when she yells at him and berates him, when she
gets hopping mad for something he says or does or doesn't
do, when she complains to me about his actions, well,
that's justified. She's correct in her actions. It's ok for
her to blow a gasket and the let the kid have it.

But it's not ok for me to do that. Oh no, I'm a mean and
bad person when I do it. And I've held my breath too many
times. I only blow up MAYBE once a month any more. She's
at least once a week. And I don't say a damn thing when
she's laying into him. But when I do, she's quick to jump
to his defense and go on the offensive and tell me that
I'm the bad guy.

This step-parenting gig is really shitty sometimes. Lately,
more times than not. I realize it's just as is to be
expected with raising teenagers, but this double standard
she's giving me is really frustrating.

Over and over again, I come to the conclusion that I should
just keep my mouth shut and let that little spoiled prick
just do and say whatever the fuck he wants and just let her
deal with him.


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