Do I get my lap dance now?
2001-12-05 13:50:47 (UTC)

Go to the park to hangity hang.

Oh how I love thrift stores. I bought this rad-ass puzzle
with some llamas on it for 10 cents. That'll keep me
entertained for DAYS! And I got this hip mug that's all
warped and smushed looking and it says "I got smashed in
San Francisco" on it. haha!! It's sweet. I'll probably
never use it, but it'll go on my mantel if I ever get one.
Which reminds me... I spoke with Griff today about the
house, and, again, my dog is a problem. Goddammit. It's
because there's new carpet in the house. Blah blah blah.
She's a fucking dog, not a shit-happy puppy. April was
like "What if she just stays on the linoleum??" And I was
like yeah right, dude. Griff said he has one of those
little collapsable baby fences we could borrow. ha fuckin
ha. My dog can scale the 6 foot privacy fence in my
backyard. I don't think a plastic two-footer is gonna
contain her one bit. Besides, I'm not leaving her in the
kitchen all the time. She's got equal rights. I just need
to make up a sweet doggie resume for her. I'll tell them
she gets groomed and has that flea medication and then fill
in the gaps with some random bullshit. I just hafta hope
Griff's mom doesn't want to meet her. I'll need sleeping
pills. Or weed. Excessive amounts of weed. Or sleeping

And April's older (and finally 21) brother, Jay is coming
home on the 13th. Yeah, I'm hell pumped because 1.) He
wants me, and 2.) he's agreeed to buy me some alcohol on
the way home from the airport. Sweet sweet ass. Okay, my
fingers are so cold they're about to fall off, so I'm
gonna go huddle over the stove now.

current mood: restless
current tune: The Strokes - Last Nite
current advice: Turn the light on, already!

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