the envious pen
2001-12-05 13:37:14 (UTC)

dead george

yeah -- harrison died a few days ago.

when i next get a chance i'll have a puff for ya, mate.

what follows is from a message one of my best mates sent me
this morning (cheers, joe):
"when i was in london waiting for the bus to take me to
dover and paris, i walked 'round hyde park, all over
westminster, and walked the couple hours' trip to Abbey
Road. 3 am outside, in my bare feet after having done
the crosswalk thing and photographing my feet in the act
(homage to Paul), i scribbled on the graffiti wall, the
lone security guard staring me down from a first floor
window...and my communique to the fabs was a line from
George's "My Sweet Lord":

"I really wanna know you...but it takes so long...""