Dirty Fractyl
2001-12-05 13:28:07 (UTC)

I'm HOT!

Yeah, I put a picture up on and got a 9.2. I'm
a little disappointed, though, because it was up to a 9.4
and then it dropped right at the end. beotches. The second
one I just put up is at an 8.7 right now. I guess it's cuz
I don't have my shirt off. Half-nakedness increases your

I did fairly well on my first exam, so maybe that'll carry
over to my organic exam that I take in about an hour and a
half from now. I was looking at the grading scale. I
wonder if I really am going to get a decent grade. When I
think back on all the tests we took, I can't imagine my
average being much over a 70, which is a C-. Ah, hell, what
does it this time next year I'll probably be an
English major at UK or UT.

I'm learning a lot quicker on the guitar this time around.
Yesterday I almost figured out the whole opening guitar solo
part to "Just Want to be with you." Playing by ear is cool
:) I just gotta get someone to teach me to read the TBTs
that you can find online. Malinda was explaining it to me
and it sounded pretty damn easy, but I haven't got around to
giving it a real shot yet.

Well, I suppose I may as well flip open my notebook and
study my 53 pages worth of notes for Organic. Oh, yeah, and
I have a bunch of structures to learn that I didn't know
from the last test, too. Yip-f*ckin'-eeeeeee.

AN ADDENDUM: Rather than make another entry about it, my latest
picture is currently at a 9.8!