Birdy: Where am I now?
2001-04-01 23:34:47 (UTC)

I hate Elizabeth and Isaac. I..

I hate Elizabeth and Isaac. I thin they deserve eachother.
It all started when Elizabeth dared to call me a Stupid
Bitch. That set me off and I told her exactly what I
thought of her. Then, Isaac got mad, told people that I was
trying to break them up, and called me a slut in front of a
lot of people. I suppose I should have tried to be their
friends again. Liz appologized, even though I don't think
she meant it, and I think in his own way, Isaac tried, too.
But I don't want them as friends. I just wish we could just
put all of this behind us.
Softball starts tommorw. I can't wait. (Sarcasim)