Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
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2001-12-05 12:16:10 (UTC)

My name is NEO!!!

Just changed my diary name and screen name. Oh well, like
a caterpillar in his cocoon, and like all life for that
matter, we enter through different stages in one's life.
What does that have to do with anything...I don't know.

I wanted to talk about something, but then I forgot--its
relevance was lost.

It's pitch black in here, except for this computer
screen.....Neo! My name is NEO!!! Except my screen is
glowing white, not that sickly green. It's also cold in
here, with the temperatures outside probably in the lower
50', you may ask, it's below freezing from where I
live! Yes, yes, but here, it should never get below 70.
The summer and the beaches are what brings its denizens (me
included) on their knees and smites them with a fell blow
by its golden promise of sunshine and warmth, white sands,
emerald waters, and sugar-white frothy-froths. This town
is a fun town to be in when it's in the 90's, and everyone
in their trucks are driving with the windows down, not
wearing no shirts, sporting red baseball caps and dark
sunglasses (with their brunette/blond-haired chicks ridin'
shotgun to the local bowlin' lanes). Yep, down here in the
south, peanut butter and fried chicken are at the top of
the lists of ingredients to eat! A Super Wal-mart is down
the road, and so is Winn-dixie...and so is the mall, and
Burger King, and McDonalds... Yup, when it's summer,
everyone's out and about.
But when it's winter...Shiiiit, stay
something constructive, take some classes at the community
college, work, whatever, just don't hang around or loiter...

I miss some of the eateries that we used to go to.....1/2
pound burgers, fresh seafood, even pizza...oh yeah, don't
forget Chinese and Thai! mmmmmmmmmmmm..... I believe that
we've spent too much time on Am food, time to diversify
through other cultures once again.

Dang, it's about time Christmas was overwith. I hate the
commercialization, the cold weather... Apparently it's a
christian holiday, but because of the fact that it is
christian, no one is going to be left out of the
gift=giving and exchanges...peace be with you (homeless
one), and also with you...

Life takes unexpected twists and turns... In a meaningful
book there was a quote, "If you don't go with your fate,
you will be dragged by it." Lol.

Two words that still ring in my ears, "Strength",
and "Courage". Find it, and keep it... The future is
still uncertain, but these two words will help you through

Adios! Ciao! Arrivederci!