2001-04-01 23:17:55 (UTC)

Well now it was going to be a..

Well now it was going to be a long two weeks as I prepared
for the first venture away from home it was a real

Well you can imagine now, how Lisa was thinking when I
told everyone that I was going to leave Wilko's and may be
this town itself.... She did not really like that too much.
I think it was mostly the fact that she will miss some one
to talk too because not a lot of people have patient with
the way she talked and just the fact that she never really
talked anyway was a little problem....

We still hung out though unitl the end when I had to move
away before that though. Me John Laura and Lisa would go to
Bognor regis on a night out it would take in the region of
45 min to get there but it was fun with all the people
being really friendly and the clubbing atmosphere being
nice we had a great time there.... Also the leaving meal
the night before I left wilko's was nice too. A lot of
people would come out and give me a farewell party which
was really nice.....

Me and Lisa were getting on better to the final day I left
she was still abit down whether it was from me going I'm
not sure but I did promise her that if she needed to talk
then she knows where to call..... And with that I gave her
a farewell kiss and a mobile phone to get i touch with me
when she wanted.... I think she was a little happier after

Well the dreaded day has come...... I loaded up my car with
some of my belongings and said goodbye to my mother, my
father was already at work by the time I left.... Lisa came
as well!!! to see me off and to wish me goodluck, she gave
me a small going away present which I still have to this
day, it was all these little presents in a box it was
really thoughtful of her to do that..

Well i hit the road and it was going to be another long
story from here..............

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