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2001-12-05 08:48:40 (UTC)

Christmas is comming!

My wicca speach went pretty bad I think, I got realy
nervous when I was standig up in front of class, silly me.

Now Im gonna tell you about my friends, you allready know Samuel so Im
gonna start with Kelly. We been best friends since the fifth grade
then we were together all the time, now we dont get much time to hang
out together cuse we`re on separate schools. But we're still good
frineds, I call her or she come up to me when Im working and sometimes
we have gils night with sleep over. Kelly is realy cool and populer,
she has always had her own style, and I`ve always feelt lucy to be her
best friend. Then we have Cessy, she and Kelly is also good friends.
But bouth say`s that Im their best friend, Ceccy goes normaly in my
class, but now she has moved out of this country for a year to
experinece something else.
And the we have Ann and Ling (no she`s not adopted)
They are in my class, we`re good friends, but dont spend musch time
afther school with each other.
Ellie is the one I tell about my problems and good times with boys,
she lives far away and that makes it easyèr to help each other.
Samuel of curse I tell everything, but I dont tell my other friends
much about whats going on, I know I can trust them, I just dont want
to tell them everythig about me. I guess you can say that Im a person
who likes secrets.
I have mostly good girl friends, but some boys to, I tell yoy all
about them later on, its a loooooooooooong story behind.

Now they`re changing our Christmas prom, we cant bring anyone with us,
how silly is that?? No one want`s to go with someone from their
own class, exept from those who is allready together with someone from
their class. Stian is not gonna be there then, so I dont wanna go.
(yes I know, dubble moral)I didnt wanted to go if he was there, but I
dont wanna go now eather, you guys must be thinking, does he have
anything to do with if she wanna go or not?
And yes, he does, but its so hard to explain.
The prom will probobly just be silly anyway so I rather go to the city
and hope to see Chris there.


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