Dick Doomsday

Pathetic Punk
2001-12-05 08:45:49 (UTC)

Triple Grrrrrrrrrr...!

Damnit...i just read this dudes diary entry. It made me
realize how crappy i feel all the time. Damnit. Now i'll be
going to bed all depressed..."thanks dude."....grrrrrr..

so anyways...here i am...still waiting for Jason but now i
know he won't be showing up tonight...so i just sit
here...bored and lonely and listening to
music.....depressing music....ok...now i'm listening to
some political punk. this stuff makes me angry...mostly at
the government.

ewwwwwww!!!!....thats another thing. i guess PTP
(progessive trotskyist party) some party i was affiliated
with is now dead. we lost our president and vice president
and we couldn't hold it together. Sid wanted me to be
president. In fact everyone did but i can't handle all that
responsibility. so i feel as if i killed the party. thats a
sucky feeling.

I don't even consider myself a socialist anymore. i guess
its one of those teen stages things....i went from
anarchist to socialist and now probably back to anarchist.
i dunno. i just hate the government and want to do
everything possible to prove it.

oh..another thing....grrrrr!!!....i entered a poetry
contest just for the heck of it...and well i won...so they
are going to publish my poem in a book with 32 other poems.
its cool and everything but i dunno if i really want them
to publish it. well so they sent all the forms and i told
my mom i didn't want to do it. i threw out the forms....and
well i guess she went trash digging and filled them out and
stuff cuz today i got some letter thanking me for allowing
them to publish it. i was soooo pissed. but whatever. i
just wished i had signed it anonymously. grrrrr!!!...

so...here i sit...in the dark and cold...typing all this
crap that no one reads...it feels good to vent it out

so anyways...it's 12:35 am right now. i better get to sleep
cuz i gotta get up super early tomorrow. i need to finish a
week worth of work before i go to school...yes it is the
same work i was sopossed to do earlier...shut up...i know i
should have done it earlier..oh well...

....well troll boy..if you read this...at least you know i
was waiting for you...i'm off to bed...goodnight my troll
boy. sleep tight...don't let the fire breathing gobblins
bite....hugs and kisses to you nerd...g'night.