faiien angei

a day in the life...
2001-12-05 07:26:49 (UTC)

happiness is a warm gun

i got invited to attend a naked party...i of course

I'm rather proud of myself though...the boy called and i
didnt call him back.
i fought the temption...well sort of.
I IMed him the other day...we talked for a few minutes...he
told me he might come to town this week...i called him
today to see if he was coming to LA or not...got voicemail.
thank jesus.

I'm finally over it.

I feel as if it's time to celebrate.

But its official. PG is looking for a house in malibu.

Good thing i got over it when i did. Once PG got here
anyway, i would never see him again. He refuses to invite
me out with him and PG...it went from inviting me out with
them all the time...to banning me. Which is fine with me
anyway, as i have my professional reputation to think of.

The ex got married this weekend. That's an odd thought to
swallow. bastard. he broke a date with me to meet his

Du Hast Mich cornered me at the rainbro on friday to
convince me that he was a different person, and that he
wanted to date me again. I laughed at him and told him that
i wasnt interested and that he ruined any chance at being
with me after he fucked my nemesis in my cardboard box.
what a bastard. the best thing in the world...

Du Hast Mich: Did you see me with those 2 porno girls? They
wanted to hook up with me...but i just dropped them off at
their shoot. See? I'm a different person now. You should
let me take you to a movie.

ha ha ha ha. like i would let some guy who hangs out with
porn stars take me to a movie. what would that say about me?

Look at the girl who hooks up with the guy who hangs out
with the porn stars.

i def. dont need that.

it's amazing how you can spend 20 years and never grow
up...but in a 5 month period completey re-evaulate your
situation and realize who and what are healthy for you.
It's an amazing feat.

I'm not at all the same girl that i was a few months ago.

time to go to bed. work in the morning.

speaking of work...i've been told that we need more clients
this quarter...that it is essential to our survival as a
company. talk about pressure.

maybe it's time to start looking for something a bit more
stable...and something that pays well for a change!!!

but the question is, do i sacrifice working the projects
that i love with lousy pay for working on projects i dont
give 2 shits about for 40k?