Diary of a dope fiend.....
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2001-12-05 07:23:13 (UTC)

depresion attacks again

~The Cruxshadows- Monument~

This song makes me think of aSpecial guy.. aguy who im in
love with. who isnt talking to me at the moment. I miss him
so much. Why'd i have to go and screw it up?.. i left him
for the ass i was recently with. god i miss him..i know its
over and nothing will happend with us again. I still love
him..even if he wouldnt beleive me if i told him that right
now. Im afraid to tell him though...afraid he'll just say
hes forgotten about me and moved on. He was so good to
me..i shouldnt have left him*crying* why was i so stupid
huh? now i've lost him forever....

"I never wrote you a love song
somehow words could not express what I needed to say.
and so I never wrote you a love song
and now its much, much too late 'cause you've gone away
But I will build this monument
to remember all the love we once had
and I'll close my eyes and make it how it used to be
I swear I never stopped loving you with everything I am
and it hurts so much to think you stopped loving me
you stopped loving me...
So I wish I'd had written you a love song"

*ta ta*

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