What's up now?
2001-12-05 06:53:56 (UTC)


So the sex toy pary really did something to us....haha riiight
So Dan(the 3rd floor RA) was going to meijer and rachel was
like pick up some whipped cream, so he came to me and said
I will as long as you two do some thing with he
comes back, with the whipped cream, and he's like lets
start the we did(not in a sexual way!)...we just walked
around and asked people let us lick them or t have them lick
was pretty funny!!! We got some great pictures of me and rachel
lickin other people and people lickin dan and rachel and a few of was great!!! VERY FUN :) haha...kevin was the
best!!! oh and mel....that was SOO great!!! She was in
heaven :) What a night...but I'm tired so I'm out....