down in my eyes
2001-12-05 06:19:23 (UTC)


If you're REALLY bored,... keep reading. If not,..

...Anywayz, here twas my day..

~8:00am- my mom wakes me up.. yells at me..
'n then I had to give her a lift to the auto
shop, to pick up her car... ..which broke down
~12:30 noon- ..had to rush to work~...
~1:30- ~that's when the awful headache appeared...
~2:00~ - my dad got into the office... ..I got summore
yelling at~...
~7:30pm- got home.. 'n realized my mom tried to suprise
me.. by putting up the christmas tree....
..-by herself-..
~8:00pm- The christmas tree fell--- 'n most of
the glass ornaments were broken. ..'N spent
the next couple hours~ picking up...
'n rebuilding..

ehhh, enough said. I'm tired. can you tell?