2001-12-05 06:18:37 (UTC)

Life is boring. I went to..

Life is boring. I went to perkins today, just like I do
pretty much every other day. I went to work. Tomorrow I
have to go to school, then I have to go to work. I have
very few friends. I don't have a boyfriend.
I'm so bored.
It's just so boring when nothing interesting is happening
at all.
I'm tired and I should go to bed, but it's almost like I
want to stay up just in case something interesting happens,
but I know nothings gonna. I mean, what's going to happen
at midnight, in my house? nothing.
bored bored bored bored bored.
i wish something cool would happen to me.
I know its dumb they say you should make something cool
happen for yourself but I'm not up for that kind of
Not again. Not anymore.