The Barenaked Files
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2001-12-05 06:12:04 (UTC)

The long and winding road to your door

I'm starting this at 12:50am
Well yesterday was been very interesting. First of all I
had a performance scene due in theatre, so I read over the
chapter. I didn't understand anything, i read it over and
over and nothing.
I have class at 9am, and I am not reall tired. My cycle of
insomnia is showing its ugly head again. Since Thanksgiving
I've been sleeping normal, but soon I will be experiencing
the pleasures of insomnia.
I layed in bed when i woke u for a while(a very bad idea)
and i began to think about my own mortality. I was thinking
about if I died today what I have to show for it. I came to
the conclusion that i have done more in my 18 years then
some adults do in their life. I have had art work in art
shows, performed on stage, traveled around the eastern US,
done the wings of death challenge 2 times, Won 2 best of
shows and 2 sweepstakes ribons at accredited cut leaf shows
along with countless other ribbons, I've grown bonsai, I've
held alligators, watched sea turtles hatch from their nest,
walked down the beach looking for anything that washed up,
been to countless baseball games, created many varieties of
hostas, started a nursery, walked through the spring woods
looking at all of the wildflowers from the trillum to the
heptica and bloodroot and so many other things. I realized
that my life isn't all about the big picture. It's all
about the little things. Frankly i beleive that I have done
a large amount of cool stuff. So if i were to die before i
wake, i wouldn't be bitter, because i've lived a great life.
Today I have auditions for 2 shows, the first is Saved, the
second is Hot n' Throbbing. Now i dont expect to get a
part, but it doesn't hurt to try.
I was greatly saddened to hear last week of George
Harrisons passing. He was an amazing songwriter, a
humanatarian and over all an amazing human. George you will
be greatly missed.
I've been in a very punk mood laetly. I made 2 wrist bands
from duct tape that i wear all around. I have written
letters to The Ataris, Flogging Molly and Joe Sib 22 Jacks
frontman and co-owner of Side One Dummy. I hope to here
back from them. The Ataris guarentee a personal responce.
I will close all of my entries with a quote
"Here comes the sun, and I say it's allright"-Geroge
Harison 'Here Comes the Sun'

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