2001-12-05 06:03:31 (UTC)

The people rejoiced.

Well, I stopped writing in this for some time, but I might
be starting again. Yay! To recap: I'm pretty much the
same as I was when I wrote my entire other 2 entries. Yes,
I have healthy disdain for the commom man still. I don't
entirely appreciate my peers. Blah blah. Isn't being
fifteen great. Here's a sad thing I saw tonight: I was
watching some show about celebrity's homes tonight [I don't
normally watch stupid things like that, honestly], and
there was a segment on Whats-her-face Versacci's ginormous
Italian house. Before I continue, have you ever heard
Whats-her-face speak? I think she may be autistic.
Right. Here's the sad thing. Inside this woman's house
there are two large statues, by some sculptor I have never
heard of. The Lourve in Paris has "begged" Whats-her-face
for these statues. Now, I don't think those people really
beg anyone for anything, but the fact that works of art
worthy of catching the Lourve's attention are sitting in
some fashion empress's living room, waiting for some R&B
idiot attending a party to spill a corrosive cocktail all
over them is the worst thing I have heard since I watched
that show. Honestly, I think if a museum wants something
you have in your house,they should be entitled to take it.
By force is necessary.