TwIZTed WatTs
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2001-12-05 05:50:15 (UTC)

First Journal Entree

Wow, a diary..haha i feel like such a fag...but i gotta get
out some stuff one way or another =

Well...ill start of with a lil about myself. Im Watts, im a
generally loved guy...lotsa people like me (some of which i
wish did not..but oh well) i am currently in love with a girl
names Amie...though we are having problems...it seems that
she has lied to me about her age =( you see, i met Amie
online....YEAH THATS RIGHT!! ONLINE!! but anyways..i know it
ssounds retarded, or even childish to think that a long
distance relationship would work..but all the way up till
today, it has.

I met Amie in the "flirts nook" chat on AIM, right from the
get go i was in love..she was smart and very dexteric...in
her case looks doesn't even matter (but she is still
beautiful ;)) she first told me that she was 16 and that she
was a Junior in high school...that turned out false She is
acctually a 14 year old freshman. now, we have been goin out
for quite some time...6 months and 21 days and 6 hours and 3
mins to be exact (yeah, as you can see i am obsessed with
her). so i have pretty much forgiven her, but i know that
every other guy woulda said "hey yo fuck it, she aint much
worth it"....but for some reason i decided to stay with
her..is that wrong? i hope not.

now i know what people who might be readin this are
sayin.."wow, an online relatiosnhip? what a fuckin queer", am
i right? wrong, its not like its puppy love...when i thought
she was a Jr. she was gonna move in with me once she
graduated, but nows its a wooting 3 1/2 years instead of one
and a half, and i am yet able to find a road to take. I do
love her with all my heart...an i like to think she feels the
same way...the truth is that i have had some pretty fucked up
relationships, and they have all ended up with me catcing my
gf blowing some other guy..but with Amie i feel so
good...like i am loved for the first time. yeah, i have had
people tell me they loved me...like this one moron
Jeneva..she loves anythiung that walks and i could never love
her. she's nothin compared to Amie. for one Amie does no
drugs and does not drink, when Jeneva does both. so in other
words...FUCK JENEVA, i love Amie.

I just hope im on the right track....

Thanks Moore for helpin me out with Amie...i may not know
you...but your one groovy chick, haha. thanks again


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