2001-04-01 22:10:15 (UTC)

Do you ever feel like a million..

Do you ever feel like a million thoughts run through your
head so fast you think you're going to explode? im at the
point in my life where I'm not sure where I'm going. Or is
that your whole life? I'm not quite sure at this point.
See, I was so sure of everything. I had my life planned
out for at least the next 5 if not more years. But as fate
would have it my paths have changed. and now I'm just
waiting for something. and I don't know what. and what I'm
really scared of is having it stare me in the face and not
know what it is and pass it up. but I guess that means its
not really what I'm waiting for right? Life is just a
bunch of chances not taken. Choices not choosen. and
lessons not learned. by the way, I pay no attention to
correct punctuation or grammer or any such thing. And I'm
an english major. figure that one out.