Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
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2001-04-01 21:25:48 (UTC)

Am I the only one out there..

Am I the only one out there that wonders what it would be
like to be dead? To not have to worry about what others
think, do and say? How easy it would be just to end it one
day? I'm not saying that I am going to commit suicide one
day..don't worry, I'm not going to let people get to me
like THAT anymore! But couldn't you just imagine someone
pushing you that far..untill you can't take it and kill
yourself? Couldn't you imagine how horrid their life or
lives would be after that? I mean it would basically be
their fault! And anyone else's that wan't listen ing for
your cries for help! I wonder if any person at one of those
school shootings feel bad though. I mean in most of the
shootings it was the peers fault because they pushed the
guy to far. And they knew it, but just laughed. Not cool!
Now don't think I am so phyco out in the dense world
thinking of bombing a building or taking a gun to way! I am NOTHING like that! And no I am not
thinking about killing myself or anyone else...I was just
thinking about all that today. I mean, all these people are
blaming Maralyn Manson, Eminem, you know all these
people...when really it's the kids inside the school, NOT
the media, that started these rampages in the first place.
If they want to blame someone they should blame themselves,
and THEIR kids and their kids FRIENDS! Manson and Eminem
are just doing their job the way they think it should be
done and the way they like it!

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