The meanderings of a mind
2001-12-05 05:01:44 (UTC)

For Elise

I am listing to a classical song, "For Elise." I didn't
realize I liked it until I heard my boyfriend play it on
one of the keyboards at BestBuy. It sounds more beautiful
when he plays it for some reason. I don't expect I'll ever
understand all the nuances of my own mind. It is dead
week. Next week I have finals. I don't feel like studying
though. I'd rather watch the SouthPark movie for the
fourth time. I like renting movies that are no longer
termed "new release" they are much cheaper. I would like
to go to the movies friday night and go out to eat and then
go to sleep. I have to get up relatively early...after
three hours of sleep on Saturday to meet a study group. I
gave my friend her Christmas gift already and I got mine.
She got me magnetic, romantic poetry. That was a really
sweet gift Idea. I wish I could have gotten her more. I
love buying people gifts. I just have limited funds.
Yesterday when I was walking to class someone gave me a
little notecard that has work for students over christmas
break and since I was cheated out of the Job i had lined
up, I am tempted to look into it so I can have spending
money. I am supposed to pay for as much of my books and
stuff as I can, but I have NO money saved up. My mom has
to pay my insurance right now because I don't have the
money because I can't work full time. She is even paying
my cell phone bill. I hate being under someone's thumb
like that. When I call her all we talk about is my sister
and my neice and how horrible my mom's life is going. I
don't want to be complaining. I miss my baby. I wish and
wish and wish and wish and wish he had his own place. Not
that I want to play house with him, but it would be so much
fun to decorate it. Hell I want to build him a house. My
screen is yucky dusty. I found it extremely weird that I
enjoyed Honors as much as I did this year. My teacher was
fantastic and I actually think I have a shot at an A. That
would be amazing. I just have to get a High B on the
final. My entire grade comes down to that but we do get a
cheat sheet. That is why it is very important to meet with
my study group. My PlS test is going to kick my ass
because the teacher is phycho crazy about plants. We have
two tests for our final one over the last thing we are
studying and one over the entire semester but they won't be
the same questions that were on past exams. We do get a
study guide but the questions on the study guide aren't
always addressed in the test. Once in class I asked a
specific question about something on the study guide. And
he answered me. But the questions on the test was nothing
like that and I couldn't answer the questions. THat is
just ridiculous. I get my paper back tomorrow. That is a
huge part of my grade and he is a horrible paper grader.
I'm gonna need some serious cheering up, I can feel it
now. Someone call Ben and Jerry. It's an emergency.

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