2001-12-05 04:53:53 (UTC)

Christmas is here.....

Christmas is officially here now...I went to the Clemson
Christmas Parade tonight and afterward we had a bonus, the
Olympic Torch was run through Clemson's campus...which was
awesome!!!! It was the whole group (except for Dennis,
Jennie, and Lub). We had a great time just goofing off and
chilling out because next week is going to be so stressful
with exams and getting ready for break.

We found out today that we are going to the Humanitarian
Bowl in Boise, Idaho...which is a long way away from
here...I'm excited because I've never been across the
Mississippi in my lifetime so it will be a first for me,
but in a way I was looking forward to a relaxing break with
nothing to do for once. Oh well, we will have fun
celebrating New Years together. Go Tigers!!!! (let's win
this bowl for once!)

Last night we had a long talk in the Union that was very
educational and tons of fun (but with our group everything
is fun)! We bonded which is always awesome for friends to
do because we are going to be separated in a week and not
see each other for a while....SAD FACE!!!!!! But we will
all be back in January and it will be back to normal
hopefully. I am so glad that I have started hanging out
with everyone because now I actually am having fun in
college instead of just studying all the time. Don't get
me wrong I study (a lot) but now I actually have an outlet
for when studying is just too much.

This journal is kinda backwards chronologically but that is
okay because it's how I think I guess.....but since I'm
currently rambling I'm going to peace out...I hope everyone
has an awesome night or day or whatever it is.....Toodles!!