Reality Bites
2001-12-05 03:10:12 (UTC)

Wall in your heart

Today was a bad day, I dont know how to describe it, cause
it had its good points and its bad ones. School was just
not that fun...I feel like Im in the middle of this place
and everyone likes me, but I dont fit with any specific people dont see me and think. "Oh she's in the
basketball or the bitches...or whatever" Im friends with
people in different groups and its so annoying...I walked
around at lunch today drifting and it made me really sad. I
have no clue who my real friends are...Alyssa today made
plans with me and Carli then when talking to Tim he told me
that she had already made plans with him and she didnt want
to go w/ us...I was like OK! What fucking ever. So he
agreed with me about it being so wrong, and then he said
hed call me back and so they 3 way called me and she
apologized and gave me a lame ass excuse and I was like, "I
dont give a shit, just dont make plans with me when you
already have plans with him, Its a really shitty thing to
do" Whatever...Im gonna cry Im so upset..not only about
this..just in general....Not knowing where you fit is so