buffalo girl

phsycho's life
2001-12-05 02:22:18 (UTC)

i scored!!!!!!!

that's right! go me. we played a really hard team tonite.
(and lost really bad) i played like the last half of each
quarter. in the first quarter i scored!!!!!! i had half of
our points for a while! i was so proud of myself. cuz last
game i played not even 1/4 of what i did last game and my
family said that i actually did good. i'm not sure if i
agree with them, but whatever they say. i don't know why,
but i'm in a really good mood again today. i should figure
out why. that would be smart. i should do that. oh! my mom
said that we could get a trap set! wouldn't that be neat!
then i could make lots of noise. that'd be lots of fun!
well, i'm gonna stop typin on here cuz i'm outta things to
say. so....g'night all!