Faerie Onyx

Tis The Faerie
2001-12-05 02:05:05 (UTC)

Watashiwa boyfriendwo ga daisukidesu...

That means I love my boyfriend, but what does it matter if
he doesn't love me anymore? Today he went out of his way
to avoid me after first period. I know that I deserve it,
but he deserved it too. I mean, after fucking ignoring me
for so long, what did he expect? That I would just sit
around and wait for him? I love him so much though. I
can't believe that I did that shit to him. I can't believe
that I did it again. I always ruin things for myself. I
hate myself. I really do. I wish I hadn't done this to
us. I really do love him, and right now I'm wearing his
clothes. A subconscious thing really, for comfort. It
isn't comforting me though. These clothes, the necklace,
the stuffed dog, and the card are all I have left. I feel
so stupid. Why am I so stupid?!?!?! He's not picking up
the phone... I think he really hates me this time. It's
all my fault. This song is making me feel better... It's
Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen... Goodbye world... I can't see
to type through the tears...