It smells like poop over here
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2001-12-05 01:59:24 (UTC)

so whatever

got nothin to say, nothing to do, but i know i have to get
up early every fuckin day. these are supposed to be the
best years of my life, and i can never ever seem to ever
fuckin sleep in. i need some new music too, im gettin sick
of the same ole shit. i need something new, somehting hard
and heavy. fuck it all, maybe ill take the bloodhound game
up on there advice. "life's short and hard, like a body-
building elf, so save the planet and kill yourself..." nah,
that'd just be messy and not worth an eternity in hell.
wow, not much different from now.
i found out why that beetoch is tryin to set me up. andrea is tellin
all these girls that she knows that they should go out with me, just
in case you care. she claims that she wants me to go out with a girl
that she knows so i won't be hurt, and she doesnt' want me to date
some stranger that she "knows" will hurt me. what bitch. she is so
full of it. she told one of my best friends gf's to go out with me. i
hang out with laura a lot, and she's dating my boy dave. andrea asked
laura what she was doin one night, and laura says, "goin to a concert
with mike" and the bitch says "gees laura, you spend so much time
with him, why don't you just date him!" as if her and laura were
friends before. girl is pissing me off, she needs to mind her own
fuckin business. the only girl i want now, marta, is taken by some
fag, but i've been told she wants me. so shit might be looking up.
plus i get 3 weeks off of school, so things are definitly looking up.
im out.

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