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2001-12-05 01:18:25 (UTC)


So by now you know my dad is a religion proffesor and
pastor. And the thing is, I don't know if I believe in God
or not. I mean I used to be this super strong christian
and stuff. And now I think people just make up different
religions to make themselves feel better. I mean when
someone says they'll pray for you it's probably so they
feel better like "well I've done my part, so now I can't
feel guilty" It's like Yeah I honestly do believe in God.
It's just I don't believe in all this E-Free crap people
are today, like wearing shirts that say "I'm a christian"
Or "Walk with Jesus" and quoting from the bible all the
time. I mean if you ask me sure put God first, but dont
make your life ONLY about him. I was talking to this girl
today, and if she has a crush on someone she just obsesses
about them but doesn't pursue them becuase she says "God
has a man out there for me, and when God wants me to have
him, He will bring him to me" and then I said "So you are
just going to sit around and let god bring you everything
you want and need?" and she said YES!!! Ugh that bugs me
in her church they teach you that animals don't have souls,
and they don't believe in women pastors and they are all
racist. HONESTLY! You'd think God if he's their best
friend in the whole world let them be so stupid and
niaeve!! Ugh I'm just erked by people like that. You
believe what you want I think people should experiment with
other religions. I mean do these christians think they can
tell me they are the one and only religion?! They aren't.
And what if everybody is wrong?? I want to believe in God,
I really do, I just don't know who to believe. The pastors
say it themselves at my church some guy named martin Luther
made our religion, becuase we are lutherans, what if he's
wrong?! It's not like any of us are learning from God
ourselves. What creeps me out is if God really does come
back, everyone in this world is all give me proof that no
one would know if he really was God or not. I mean in the
early 1980's when I was a baby. Some guy said he was Gods
messenger and 900 people committed a mass suicide! It's
like oops I guess I was wrong!! AHHH I hate being confused
and angry like this. I feel like such a small child for
not being sure, and when you are 15 you don't just believe
you parents all the time. Unless you are Niaeve. Ugh!
What if Christmas was created by stores just to have a big
shopping month?!?!?! I'm too erked I have to go cool down,
I'm shaking i'm so mad, it probably doesn't help that I
have a bad lung infection and am taking steriods for it.
Well see you again soon. Always, Kittie