listen to my silences
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2001-12-05 01:01:33 (UTC)


that's what i am
to you
to them
to everyone
to me

please see through me
to me
hear me
understand me
want to

that's what you try to be
to you
to them
to everyone
to me

i see through you
to you
hear you
understand you
let me

i don't know why i wrote this...and maybe then again i do.
maybe, buried under all the weight of hidden secrets are
the answers to this...and maybe those are just more
questions. maybe i want the answers...and maybe i'm afraid
of them. maybe it's all of it together all at once...and
maybe it's none of it together and knowing it won't ever be
again. maybe this pertains to me...and maybe it pertains
to someone else i am trying to reach. maybe this is about
two people...and maybe it's about one person from two
different points of view. maybe it's a mirage...and maybe
i just want you to think that. maybe...maybe not.

final thought: every time i see your eyes i hear what
you're trying to hide. every time i hear your voice i see
the truth behind.

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