interesting me
2001-12-05 00:56:30 (UTC)

I have totally decided that I..

I have totally decided that I have had enough of my sisters
in-laws. I am in total disguist with them. Leslie, Katie,
and Layla are all Karens blood wether she likes my sister
or not. I am tired of them being on Leslies back all the
time. Shes not even 5 years old yet and shes depressed.
In that case there is something wrong with that. She
shouldnt even know what depression is at that age. It
seems like the only time she is happy is when she is at our
house. I told mom I would take her for a couple days and
see what happens. If I find out that shes better off here,
I will talk to Mel and Dave about her staying here for
awhile. Im just worried about her well-being. And so are
her parents, so it may be better that she stays here for

Im also worried, tomorrow Andrew goes in for surgery. I
try not to tell him that Im worried cuz then it seems like
it worries him more. So Im trying to be here for him the
best that I can, without actually being with him.

In the next 6 months I plan to be in NY with him. At least
by next July, thats almost 7 full months away. I dont want
to be here where I am forever. The only thing really
holding me back is that I know that my neices need me, they
dont really have anybody else to depend on, so I want to be
here for them as much as I can.

Oh to you that messaged me, thanks for letting me know that
Im not the only one that feels that way.

I gotta go now my neice needs me.

Andrew I love you as much as I possibly can.