abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-12-05 00:50:18 (UTC)

i m trying soo hard to make..

i'm trying soo hard to make things right

but whats right to me is us together, do you want that?
hmm, it seems as if i'm always wondering that question

ed your hair is beautiful i dont think you could ever look
bad to me.... ohh man ed lately all i've been doin is

i get home, sleep. then i wake up for about 5 minutes and
eat dinner. then i fall back alseep. then i wake up the
next mornign for school. and i dont even want to get up
then either cuz i'm still tired but its the only way i can
see you... even if its only for a minute

and its so much fun ed because i have dreams of you

ha, i g2g cuz my bed is waiting.. for you!

ha that was so slick..... mmm mm just call me lip gloss
(get it, cuz lip gloss is slick... i heard that on tv)

okay, love you edward
sweetdreams, and as always ahev a goodnight
i'm thinkin about you