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2001-12-05 00:28:46 (UTC)


This is my very first entry! woohoo. how fun. not really. i
actually got this idea from liz, i dont know her at all but
i clicked on her info and there was this diary thing and it
seemed kewl. i dont ever know how i have her screen name. o
well. well today was alright. i keep having to go in early
for PACE, it sux. but i need to raise my grade. i love
john. hes so nice to me. sometimes i give him shit, but its
only cuz i love him. his friends hate me. is sucks so much.
i dont like it when people dont like me for no appart
reason. this chick, meghan, like totally hates me. she
doesnt know me. brain, one of my friends, said one time
that she doesnt like me cuz she thinks i change my
personality every 10 minutes. thats not true. i am who i am
and i dont plan on changing. if people dont like me for who
i am then they can just fuck off. oo that was negative.
well i need to eat something! buhbye! :)


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