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2001-12-05 00:23:30 (UTC)

crush madness

The confused life of liking someone
Deciding you like them, and falling
Head over Heels for them, willingly
or even sometimes unwillingly.
Finding things out about them you wish
You had never known.

Once, I fell hard for a guy,
about a month ago actually.
A couple people thought he was gay,
but one day I asked him,
and of course, he said no.

What a surprise, when I hear
from my friends and his that he is gay.
Enough to scar someone for life.

But then, now, AFter have gotten over him,
completely involved with someone else.
Someone who is sweet, and understanding.
Someone who I meet friday night,
and will possibly never see again.

Why do we have to have crushes?
What is the point?
Either you find something out about them
Or, you never see them again.
I don't know which is worse.

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