Kittie Simmons

People that say Highschool will be the b
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2001-12-05 00:10:45 (UTC)

My life so far this year

So I used to go to a christian school. Big deal, I'm used
to being made fun of for it, even though people will stop
me on the street or in a store to tell me I'm beautiful.
Why can't the kids at my new school see it too? It's hard
you want to fit in without trying. I got in to the group.
But once I was there witting with my fellow freshman and
sophmores at the sports center. I felt well...completely
out of place. See being liked at my old school was a
privillage, it meant that you were nice, got good grades,
was caring, in a lot of activities. Not this time. Being
popular at MHS means you are a backstabbing whore that
blows other girl's boyfriends. So I back out, took my bow
and was officially gone with-in one week. It's weird now to
be the butt of jokes when I used to be standing there with
them while they asked. Me, the one who got asked out by
everyone. Now it's like they can't see my beauty, like
when they walk down the hall I blend in with the lockers.
It's not upsetting, I have my friends, and some of them are
in the forever popular group. But see. I've gone through
harder situations then they have. No we aren't poor. I
live in a 20 room house with my mom, my dad, my cat, and my
dog. My brother is in a college. My parents are teachers.
My dad: a Religion proffesor at a college with a P.h.d,
he's written two books and gets paid to go give lectures at
Harvard, he also preaches in the spare time he has. My
mom: has her masters, and teaches at a highschool, she used
to teach at a college but then she got cancer. See we are
well off, and when people look at my life all they see is
that. spoiled rich girl. With friends, and looks. Behind
the scenes it's different. My brother is TOO smart, so
smart he defies his teachers, and thinks he owns the
world. Me, I hope I never feel like I'm on top of the
world, becuase when you get there the only way you can go
is.... well.......DOWN. Over the past year both of my
Grandma's have been seriously ill in the hospital, my
brother tried to kill me, my best friend tried to kill
herself and I saved her life, then later everyone says I
was a liar and bragged about it and that I should just let
it go. My favorite Aunt died of cancer, another aunt got
diagnosed with cancer, I finally got better after a year of
having an eating disorder ( I'm a dancer go figure) But now
I weigh 105 and am 5'3", my Great-Aunt got diagnosed with
cancer, and I switched to a public Highschool where noone
believes in God, just getting laid and doing drugs. Me I'm
different then anyone no matter where I go. Teachers say
I'm talented. Maybe on day other people will see my
weirdness and creativity as a good thing. But for now I
guess I'll just have to wait. Love always, Kittie