Dirty Fractyl
2001-12-04 23:20:08 (UTC)

I need mental blinders

Yes, I need mental blinders to keep my ass focused. I was
home all day and I studied for maybe 45 minutes, which
means I will be up late tonight. First it was sleep that
sidetracked me, and I slept till noon. Then, it was my
guitar. And I played guitar for two hours. Then, it was
my adorable little godchild coming over and wanting me to
go to the park with her. And I went to the park for an
hour or so. Now, it will be my brother's basketball game
in 45 minutes to sidetrack me. And I will get home at like
9'something and have a lot more studying to do. Then, it
will be my urge to call Sarah sidetracking me. And I will
call her.

Then I'll wonder why I failed both my finals.

I need mental blinders.