random mumblings
2001-12-04 23:14:02 (UTC)

I was tortured in the Pasadena jailhouse!!

Of course i wasn't really tortured in the pasadena
jailhouse (as former world champion bobby fischer claimed
in his 1982 book 'i was tortured in the pasadena jailhouse'
http://www.anusha.com/pasadena.htm) but it makes for a more
exciting title than 'i was in the hospital for the past 4
days'. (i've never even been to pasadena) :) as usual, i was
feeling like shit on friday and i was really bloated. i threw up on
friday night at like 3
and was hoping it was just some food poisoning or something
like that and would be able to make it into work. no such
luck! i felt like *death* (lol...i just got a mental
picture of abe simpson running around going 'death' :) )
so i chucked a couple more times in the afternoon after
trying to hold down some ginger ale and gravol and then
finally around 8pm i went in. man, was i in rough
shape...i was wheezing, i had pains in my chest, so
dehydrated i could hardly open my mouth...i got into the ER
right away. i stopped at the desk and said 'diabetic,
vomiting' and she goes 'sadler?' and i'm like
yeah...apparently my mom called from owen sound and
notified them that i was gonna be there :) so they
strapped me in, hooked me up to 100 different things, put
an oxygen mask on me, put a CATHODER on/in me for
chrissakes (i still don't know why, all i know is that it
still hurts to pee) and started taking blood from me once
an hour for god knows how long. i was in the ER for a
while, then i moved up to the AMA (advanced monitoring
something, likely area :p ) because i guess my heart
rate/blood pressure was very high and then they moved me to
some other floor and then back to the 5th floor. they
weren't very organized, they said 'so you were at the AMA
and then went home and then you weren't feeling well
again...' i'm like 'no, they moved me to a different
floor' at least i got the proper insulin this time which
was a pleasant surprise (i don't want to bitch too much in
case of risking sounding *exactly* like fischer in that
story above but...) so they put me back on food last night
and released me this morning. well the hospital i went to
was like a teaching hospital so i've got marks up and down
my arms from students trying to get blood from a stone, i'm
sorry did i say stone, i meant back of my elbow, side of my
wrist, they took it *8 times* from the same spot on my
forearm. good thing i'm not a 'bruisy' :p they were
apologizing for poking me so much and i said, it's okay as
long as you don't put a cathoder in me again :) jeezus
that hurt, the worst thing was that they didn't even
measure or test my urine at all so i wonder why they put it
in (and left it in for 3 days) in the first place...some
might say because they were putting so many fluids in me to
rehydrate me but i have my doubts :p so anyways, the guy
comes in with his supervisor to give me my insulin and he
says 'so which way do i turn his arm to do the injection',
and i thought 'uh oh'. so he removed my 'leaks' as they
called them (the leaks basically were needles left in my
skin so they could get blood out every hour without
repoking me) but left one in so one of his colleagues could
remove it. i said fine. so she comes back, and this
jackass is *instructing her* on how to remove this!? good
god! and he was removing the cathoder by myself. i was
praying to jeezus that i would ever be able to have an
erection ever again. so he put a needle into the cord and
sucked out the air to remove the internal ball in there
(surprisingly, having a vacuum in your schrotum (sp?!)
isn't the most pleasant thing in the world) and then he
yanks it out...unlike when it went in there was no blood,
but it hurt like a bitch. so i ask him how big it was and
he shows me, a little bigger than a straw which is big
enough and definitely hurt...if i'm ever going to torture
someone for information, i'm definitely going the catheder
route...hurts like a bitch. so then he asks me if i want
to keep it!? i'm like hell no. strange days indeed. so
they said i could go at 9:30 but i wasn't 'officially'
released until 3:30 so i chatted with my 65-year old
roommate and his wife for 6 hours, nice people. so in the
3 days i was there guess who called me? lee and jen called
and visited, very nice of them, aunt edie and uncle bill
called, my parents/brother called me long distance, my
sister called me long distance and jim called me up this
morning. no one else called me even though i made the
effort to call them and even left a message on my answering
machine saying what the number was. kev left a message on
my machine today but i think it was only because i left a
message yesterday basically begging him to come and visit
and drop off a book or something because i was dying. all
my other friends are fucking bastards and ungrateful as far
as i'm concerned, kevin included. i know who i'm
visiting/calling if they go to the hospital...nobody. you
know what my problem is...i think everyone is my best
friend and important but to other people, i'm just an
interchangeable peripheral person. so i thought, oh well
maybe they didn't feel comfortable so somebody like
pat/vicki/amanda/mc/whoever would send an email or a get
well soon card or whatever. i had 94 emails when i got
back and the closest thing i had was something from kirk
saying 'this'll make you feel better' and it was homer
saying 'you've got to take your anger and put it into a
little ball of rage and release it at an appropriate time.
like when daddy hit the referee in the head with the
whiskey bottle'. so i'm pissed off and if no one cares
enough to visit/call me i can do the same. seriously, who
has ever come to visit me at my new place? sure, i don't
welcome it but still...who has? nobody. yes i'm bitter,
but honestly i think i have a right to be. oh and at the
end of it all, they don't know what happened, i should try
and keep a regular schedule (which i do, i'm in fucking
groundhog day) and all the tests fail so good luck to you
there mr. sadler. and i'm out 4 days work. so i'm gonna
have to go in for fucking 60 hours/week to make up for this
shit. i am not impressed to say the least...and it still
hurts to pee :)

oh i almost forgot the worst part...before i left they said that
they'd have to take some 'swabs' from me (nose and bum swabs) to make
sure i didn't catch anything while at the hospital. !? catch
something at the hospital!? god i really wonder what kind of
hospital i went to :)

I haven't written lyrics down in a while, and i generally
hate snow and 'white Christmases' and there is no snow but
I had this song in my head on the way home so here it is :)
White Christmas
Irving Berlin 1942

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
Just like the ones I used to know
Where the treetops glisten
and children listen
To hear sleigh bells in the snow

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas
With every Christmas card I write
May your days be merry and bright
And may all your Christmases be white