i guess this is what u want to read..
2001-12-04 23:12:16 (UTC)

coffee can

today when i got to school i was very hyper..i dont know
why..but i was..nothing really exciting happened..got
home..i sat outside bc it was boring..when my neighbor got
home from school, i had asked her about some conversation
we had yesterday..well it turns out, her stupid lil
boyfriend (ew) was making fun of me..hah..omg like that
really hurts..what a loser..just another freshmen next year
to make fun of...hah ne way..when i was done sitting
outside i went in here on the net..i was on for like
10mins..then mandy came on and wanted to call me..so she
did..we talked on the phone for like 2 hours (i think) omg
was that an interesting convo....haha im not going to tell
you ne that was said..bc some of it i dont want to tell
you..haha..but lets just say it was funny/me telling her
how i feel about things/her telling me about things...and
boys...haha...thats all im gonna say...OMg yes my phone
died!!!!! grr i need a new one...well after i was done
talking to her i went downstairs to get some food..then i
came up here and started typing this...and later i dont
know what im doing..hehe welp bye...

thought: i still like and want him...OOOO i heard some news
about him that kinda made me sad but i still like
him..heheheeh BYE

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