little mind farts...
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2001-12-04 23:00:42 (UTC)

love letter....

(name withheld),
the other night when i was lying in your big arms
safetly, comfortably...i felt so small, yet so protected.
the feeling of your soft hands and fingertips carressing my
body as i lay on your broad chest was a feeling that i
never wanted to end. i worshipped every second.
i have come to the conclusion that you are magical.
you're a part of my reality that i never want to end. will
you bless me with another kiss like the one that ended the
other night? i am talking about that simple innocent kiss
that you placed apon my pink lips...can i have that again.
(name withheld), my feelings are being scattered across
this page and in all honesty i want you to bless me once
more with a title..."(name with held)'s girlfriend".

my little love letter. god, i wish that i had the balls
to give it to him. i am scared because i don't know how he
will react. oh well...i suspose that i shouldn't let my
fears rule me.

-michelle :0)