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2001-12-04 22:56:56 (UTC)

its just one of those days

It has definitly been one of those days were everything in
the world irritates me! and everything goes
wrong.......well it started this morning with my pain
killers missing, so i was hurting like hell up until noon
wher i found them in the bathroom. i guess my dad moved
them when he cleared off the counters. anyways, im just in
a pissed mood.

IT always sooooo sux, cause i got on at 4 o'clock Marissa's
time, cause thats usually when we meet up and chat, then i
call her, or she calls me........well i havent even heard
from her yet :( :( :( its okay i figured she's busy or her
comp is messed up or something, but then i got offline to
wait to see if she'd call maybe, and the phone rang twice,
but it was for my grandma and once some sales asshole that
i hung up on.

Anyways, whats up withall you ppl? i still cant go to
school cause of my neck surgery, so im bored as hell, and
since marissa and everyone else has school i cant even talk
to anyone. wellll im sick of bitching about my day, sorry
about it all, its just one of those days when you wish you
had never waken up.

Love ya