a little piece of me
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2001-12-04 22:35:14 (UTC)

aweiobjan;b e al;kjggoiej !!!!!!!

yep, that's it. my brain is a fucking puddle of goo. i
had my (cummulative) parasitology lab exam today. oh dear
god, it was aweful. i studied for four hours today, and
another several last night. i don't think i did very
well. sigh. oh well. now i have to start studying for my
entomology lab final that's tomorrow. i also have to
finish the damn labels for my bug collection. i guess i
should say i need to MAKE my labels. i really can't wait
until this semester is over. this week was nothing
compared to the nightmare that next week is going to be :(

anyway, in other news, i talked to michael last night. it
was kinda awkward. ok, it was incredibly awkward. that
was the first time i've talked to him since we broke up.
he said he missed me and stuff, and kinda talked like he
used to (he kinda acted like we were still together...very
strange). it was good talking to him again, cause i still
want to be friends (which he was said we could do). just
take a little getting used to. i think brett was a little
worried, but he has nothing to fear. i'm totally head over
heals in love with him :) after all, i felt like shit with
michael, and i definitely have no desire to go back to
that. we'll be much better off as just friends.

well i guess that's about it for today. brett's on, so i
think i'll talk to him for a bit before hitting the books
again. take care everyone.