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2001-12-04 22:19:43 (UTC)

i hate her so much. i wish she would die. but at the same
time i love her so much. and i want to be her. so pretty
and sweet. shes got all the guys and everyone loves her.
she my best friend, my soul mate, my cusin, my buddie, my
pal. but yet she doesn't have time for me. i want her to
want to be my friend. i want her to want to call me and
have me over all the time. to stay up late chatting away
like we use to do. really, thats all i want in life. just
that. but shes to buisy being a damn slut to notice me. she
doesn't even see me, but yet she says she loves me. what
kinda person is she? she says shes got a bad life. she
hasn't got a clue what a bad life is. kelly doesn't talk to
me anymore cuz i don't eat lunch with her and we have no
classes together. i really don't care, but at the same time
it pisses me off to know that someone is so mad at me that
they can't even speak to me in the halls, and egnolige the
fact that i'm alive. maybe thats not what she wants. none
of my freinds are talking to me and i feel like bombing my
school. to set fire to every bitch i don't like. every
person who has ever hurt me, or made me sit in my room for
hours crying. every scumb who has made me write one of
those depressing peoms- i want to die. or to feel the pain
they've but me through.

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