*blank stare*
2001-12-04 21:54:21 (UTC)

Finally, a Job with Cool People

I started work at JSR today... the work is easy and
boring and well... um... paint-filled (my hands are still
pink), but the people and overall atmoshphere there are
tres' fresh. The guy who trained me, Travis, was kinda
scary, and looked eerily like Jon Walsh with dark hair. My
supervisor, Cory, is extremely nice as is Scott, the friend
of my sister's who hired me. There are only two other
girls on my shift, Anne and Kim, and Anne doesn't talk
much, but Kim seems...uh... interesting. Eric and Dave
seemed pretty fresh as well, and there was this one
amazingly hot guy named Jaime who seemed very pleasant...
or maybe that was just because I felt like leaning him over
the work table and boffing him. Ah, this job should be
interesting... lots of males (no, I'm not a slut, I just
think most guys are cooler to hang out with than most
girls), no dress code, freely proclaimed profanity, and
bosses who play ping-pong when they're bored. I'm gonna
love this place. :)
Work is pretty much all I did thus far today, so I gots
nuffin else to write about. Peace yo.

Music: Golden Slumbers by the BeaTles (yes, AGAIN)