My Thoughts
2001-12-04 20:38:14 (UTC)

Break Time

Hey kids...I'm gettin' real tired of exams REAL quick. I
woke up at 9:30 a.m. this morning and got my shower and the
other usual stuff. Then, since that time, I have been
studying chemistry. So now I decided to take a break. Next
I'm gonna study some math. I HAVE to pass the exam. I can't
even think about doing otherwise. pressure or
anything. Anyways, ran into Eric when I went to get lunch.
Tomorrow he has Spanish for an exam and something else but
he was not sure what. I hope he remembers soon...oh well.
We were up until 2:30 this morning talking (me and Shannon
and Alex and Katharine and Morgan) I still feel rested
except for the fact that I am sick of chemistry. It makes
me ill. But Monday is fast will be a
bittersweet day because I have that damn calc exam at 8
a.m., but then I get to drive home and spend the whole
month with my boyfriend, making money, seeing my family,
eating real name it and I am probably happy
about it!!! But I just have to get myself through the next
couple of days.....EASIER SAID THAN DONE!!!

Until the next time.....