No Matter How Hard I Try...
2001-12-04 20:10:33 (UTC)

kitten dreams and talks

hey! I got a kitten last night. She's black and cute. i
named her Black Stardust. yeah that. school was alright. my
niece had another one of those bad dreams. i am trying to
link it. one was about monsters and her daddy falling.
another was about something brown. her father fell in
construstion, was bruised, scratched and nearly killed. He
had a halo which made him "look like a monster", he is very
tan (brown) adn he fell. i think it has something to do
with it but she could just be seeing a ghost. ahh! well, i
had an interesting talk with Krsitina. I wont put it in
here for fear someone will get pissed or something. well,
gatta go. bye!