Adoption IS A Nightmare
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2001-04-01 17:05:09 (UTC)

Lunch With Allison

Good Morning!
I just got home after a wonderful brunch at Palomino's with
my son, Jon and his wife, Allison.
I had lots of goodies for them, so much I ended up leaving
ALL in the car except for several small pieces of jewelry
that I had in a gold box. Allison was absolutely thrilled
with all and I told her that there was more to come.
I don't wear good jewelry like I used to and I am delighted
that she can enjoy it.
Jon was quiet ; I told him to call me this week to discuss
our holiday.
I am so glad to see him but so sad that he was lost to
adoption and the nightmare that followed.
I would tell any woman; Keep your baby at any cost.
God will provide for you.

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