Tower of Realities
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2001-12-04 19:53:10 (UTC)

A Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,
You are God, and yet you let them beat you up and
crucify you, and I take it so for granted. I close my eeys
and try to picture your wrists, the holes, the blood, the
pain...and your feet as well. I can almost hear the screams
as the nails tore through your nerves, the same nerves that
you so meticulously designed in the beginning. And your
back, after the lashing it must have looked like ground
beef, but bloodier. I can almost see the splinters
embedding themselves in your wounds as you pushed yourself
up to breathe. And those thorns, those ugly, long sharp
points caked with blood and mixed with sweat on your brow.
I can see it now, the agony on your face, your every fiber
striving to live, but knowing that you must die, the
horror, the torture. How did you do it? Was it love that
drove you to that place? I didn't know that love could
carry so much pain. Thank you. Those two little words are
all that I can say, but they are not enough. Nothing that I
can give is enough. All I have is this broken, sinful peice
of life. I wish I had more, something to give
you. Take my life, I know that it cannot ever compensate
for yours, but here it is, I give it to you.

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