Squeeb's world
2001-12-04 19:41:54 (UTC)

Stop already- Truce

Enough. Ok, so I brought him up first. Yeah Dottie my butt.
I always bring him up- it's second nature but I didn't say
mean-ass things about your man. I stated the facts. Pure and
simple. And now he's getting called "Saint Scott"- the
greatest thing since sliced cheese. Frigg. My God what do
you people have against him. I'm sorry you're having a bad
day, I hear ya. I've had em too. I'm cranky and hormonal but
please, let's not take it out on our friendship. Matt's not
getting treated any different than the other ones so I don't
see why it's such a big deal. Let's call it a truce before
it gets out of hand.

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